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SHOGUN Whizz - Hand Mixer, Froth, Whip & Egg Beater

RM 9,999.00

One Whizz away from Heaven

We all love that smooth thick froth on top of our signature coffee blend. Some may say that a warm cup of brew is the start of a fantastic day! With SHOGUN Whizz you don't need to spend hundreds every month to satisfy your caffeine cravings! Whip up a thick delicious milk froth in seconds!

CappuccinoLatte or even Macchiato Your Style, Your Blend; just like a professional barista.


Push & Whip Action

The SHOGUN Whizz is 5faster than beating manually by hand! With one push down action you get two back and forth whip action. Patented Double Loop design aerate and thickens liquids effectively tripling the volume content!


Quality Materials & Finish

FULLY Stainless Steel Whizz Beater, Extension Stick & Handle with quality polished finish.Long & smooth comfortable handle grip. High quality stainless steel with durable construction. Easy to wash after use.


Endless Recipe Creations & Possibilities

(Clock-Wise from Top Left) 

Ultra - Light & Fluffy texture Omelette

Smoothies & Milk Shakes

Whipped Cream

Flavoured Mayonnaise

Salad Dressing & Sauces

Pancakes &Waffles

Recipe Book Included! 13 Recipes Inside!


Product Specifications :

Model : Verimark SHOGUN Whizz

Full Length : 36cm

Material : Stainless Steel

Handle Grip Dimensions : 2.5cm (diameter) x13.8cm (length)

Beater Diameter : 7cm

Warranty : (1) year manufacturer warranty


What's Included :

1 x SHOGUN Whizz

User Manual & Recipe Book