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Shogun Power Peeler Set

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Shogun Power Peeler & Garnishing Set


Multi-function : Peel, Slice, Shred & Grate

Peelingthe skin off fruits and vegetables has never been easier and faster! Made withstainless steel material, these dual direction serrated blades remains sharpand never needs sharpening.


Peel - Potatoes, Cucumbers, Apples and eventhick & tough skin pineapples with ease.

Slice - Equally thick slices of cucumbers ,onions, cheese, tomatoes etc. Perfect for making sandwich or burgeringredients. Left and right equipped with cutting rings to remove bud points onpotatoes or thorns on pineapples.

Shred - Desire a quick salad? With the JulienneCutter, shred cabbage, lettuce or carrots for a perfect mix and garnish

Grate - Fancy some sprinkles of flavour? Gratesome cheese or chocolate for your dessert or pasta.


Sturdy, Durable & Comfortable

Sturdydesign mates the blades to a smooth and comfortable stainless steel grip fordurability. Dishwasher safe and loop-ended for convenient hanging.


Product Specifications :

Model : Verimark Shogun Power Peeler

Material : Stainless Steel & plasticslicing board

Product Length : 18cm


Warranty : (1) year manufacturer warranty


What's Included :

1 x PowerPeeler

1 xJulienne Cutter

1 xSlicing Board

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