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IROVA F1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (White)

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I-ROVA F1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (White) - Nimble Cleaner





Edge/Along the Wall




Up to 60Mins Working




Fast moving & Wide Slim Profile

I-ROVA F1 has a wide 215mm long main bottom brush mounted close to the flooring surface.Designed to be fast moving to cover a large area for an efficient and thoroughcleaning. Its slim profile of 102mm allows F1to enter narrow gaps where conventional cleaning with a broom would bedifficult.


Efficient cleaning system

Twinside brushes ensures corners and edges are swept, and collected by the suctionassisted mechanical brush. Fine dust & dirt are trapped in a large dustbinbox by a fine mesh filter for simple disposal after cleaning sessions. Atrailing bar is also provided to attach a mopping cloth beneath the machine fordry mopping option.


Long working time &Auto-Charging

F1 has a long working time of up to 90mins per full charge. When battery isdepleted, it seeks its dock to automatically recharge. Once fully charged,charging is cutoff and machine enters standby, ever ready for its next cleaningsession at your command.


Various Cleaning Modes

Auto : Operates continuously till battery depleted then returnsto dock to recharge

Spot :  For localized small area cleaning, e.g. bread crumbscleaning after child eating

Wall Following : Cleans area by following the outer edges of the room orarea

Schedule : Pre-set preferred operational time daily 7 days a week.(requires dock)


Obstacle Sensors feature

Multiple front collision sensors spanning 160degrees allows for non-contact obstacle navigation. This prevents yourfurniture surface from scratches or being knocked over while I-ROVA F1 is inoperation. Without knocking obstacles, the vacuum cleaner subsequently operateswith less noise. Front bumper is equipped with sensors for stairs falling avoidance (gap more than 2 inches)


Included/Other Features

Remote controller for working mode, docking, and manual userguided movement

Low noise emission

Elegant LED while in operation

Simple & User friendly touchscreen "One Button"operation

SpaceIsolator to partition cleaning space or to avoid robotic vacuum from enteringsensitive areas

Easy to remove spare parts for cleaning & wash friendlybrushes & dustbin

Readily available spare parts and servicing for aftersalesrepairs/warranty


Product Specifications :

Model :I-ROVA F1

Colour :Gloss Pearl White

Dimensions : 368mm(W) x 378mm(L) x 102mm(H)

Rated Power : 24W @ 14.8V

Dustbin Capacity : 600ml

Battery Capacity : 2200mAh

Operational Time : Up to 90mins

Charging Time : 3-4 Hours

Charger Plug : 3-pin BS1363(Type G)

Warranty : (1) Year manufacturer warranty for machine & (6) Months forbattery


Package Includes :

1 x IROVA F1 (w/Side Brush & Dustbin)

1 x Rechargeable battery (pre-installed)

1 x Power Adaptor / Charger

1 x Dock / Auto-Charging Station

1 x Space Isolator (batteries NOT included)

1 x Remote Controller (batteries NOT included)

1 x Trailing Bar w/Mop Cloth

1 x Spare pair Side Brush

1 x Spare Dustbin Filter

1 x Spare Mop Cloth

User Manual & Cleaning Tools

Spare Parts Available here :

IROVA F1 Product FAQ :