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Intelligence Acupunture Pen Therapist

RM 575.00

Five thousand years of ancient Chinese medical practices are right here in one amazing product: The Intelligence Acupuncture Pen Therapist (IAP).
A Breakthrough in Modern Acupuncture Technology excited about the findings by researchers  in China created a modern electronic device to aid in the pinpointing of correct acupuncture points. The results were amazing and is a powerful scientific discovery.

1)The ability to pinpoint chi (also spelled chi) was previously impossible, but as is often the case with modern technology, what was once thought to be impossible was entirely within the realm of possibility!

2)The ability to stimulate it, *without* puncturing the skin using a small amount of electricity to stimulate the chi rather than using a needle. Researchers succeed and came up with nothing short of a miracle machine.

Satisfaction Guaranteed to sufferers of chronic pain, inflammation, and body irregularities, acupuncture is a solution to many of our physical ailments. The IAP will allow you to stimulate your chi where you need it most. The best way to find out if the IAP is right for you and your health is to try it. Use the IAP daily to help locate chi pathways that need stimulation. Then, simply flip a switch and stimulate the chi in your body's systems where you need it most. A map of acupuncture points is included with each IAP. These maps are your pathway to improved chi flow and all the health benefits you may receive from freeing up the blockages in your chi pathways. Order today for a renewed sense of vitality. Use the IAP daily for 30 days to detect and treat blocked chi pathways.