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iDover Air Fryer 2.8L (Grey)

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iDover Convection Air Fryer - Grey


Hot Air Circulation Technology

The use of hot air convection allows food to be cooked evenly regardless of orientation without the slightest chance of undercook. Powerful motor circulation cooks food to crisp brown perfection, leaving food crunchy on the outside; tender and juicy on the inside. Bake, Fry, Roast or Grill, the HOMEFEST® Air Fryer does it all.

Frying it the Healthy Way

Use almost NO oil at all and eat healthier without sacrificing the delicious flavors and texture of your food. Food is cooked faster than conventional cooking for you to enjoy your Well-Done steak or crunchy snack any time of the day.

Variable Temperature & 30 Mins Timer Settings

Adjustable cooking temperature from 80°C - 200°C together with a 30mins Max timer to suit all your range of cooking ingredients and needs. Ranging from French Fries or Fish Fingers to Burgers and Steaks have your meal cooked your way extra crispy or just cooked. Need to reheat a quick meal? Pizzas, Wrap, Lasagna & any precooked meal can be warmed up and ready to be served in minutes.

It's the Afterthought that Counts!

The air fryer handle is heat insulated and of durable design. Its exterior surface is made of smooth heat insulated plastic that can be easily cleaned and protects children from accidental burns when in operation. The stainless steel basket and drip pan is wash-friendly and separable for an easy wash after meals. The inner walls of the air fryer is also stainless steel that can be easily cleaned with a moist cloth.

Other Features

13A 3-Pin Plug

Non-Slip suction cup feet

Power On light indication

Heat Active light indication

Cooking Instructions & Guide included in manual


Product Specifications :

Model : KDF-522A

Colour : Grey

Dimensions : 28.7cm (W)  x 31.5cm (H)  x 38.4cm (D)

Capacity : 2.8L or 800g

Power Rating : 1400W, 220-240V, ~50Hz

Timer Range : Up to 30mins

Temperature Range : 80 – 200°C


Warranty : (1) year manufacturer warranty


What's Included :

1 x HOMEFEST Air Fryer - Grey

1 x Drawer Pan with removable Air Fryer Basket

User Manual with Cooking Instructions & Guide