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IROVA XR510C Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (Green)

RM 899.00 RM 1,888.00

IROVA XR510C (Green)





Spot Cleaning


Up to 100Mins Working


Schedule Clean


UV Sterilize

Efficient 4-In-1 Cleaner

Sweeps - Suction &mechanically assisted twin brushes mounted close to the flooring surface, while side brushes reaches edges & corners for efficient cleaning.

Vacuums - Fine dirt& dust is trapped via a powerful suction motor & fine washable mesh filter

Dry Mopping - Wipes and picks up any stubborn dust particles on flooring surface

Sterilization - UV Lamp to kill bacterial (Optional On/Off)

Suitable for all flooring types except for long hair carpet (more than 1/2 inch)


Long working time &Auto-Charging

XR510C has a long time of up to 100 Mins to sufficiently cover alarge area with thorough cleaning. When battery is depleted, it seeks its dockto automatically recharge. Once fully charged, charging is cutoff and machineenters standby, ever ready for its next cleaning session at your command.


Various Cleaning Modes

Auto : Operatescontinuously will battery depleted then returns to dock to recharge

Spot :  Forlocalized small area cleaning, e.g. bread crumbs cleaning after child eating

Schedule : Pre-setpreferred operational time daily 7 days a week. (requires remote)

Programmed with auto-switching cleaning modes : Spiral, ZigZag & Along the Wall

UV On/Off during operation selection


Obstacle Sensors feature

Multiple front collision sensors spanning 160degrees allows for non-contact obstacle navigation. This prevents yourfurniture surface from scratches or being knocked over while IROVA XR510C is inoperation. Without knocking obstacles, the vacuum cleaner subsequently operateswith less noise. Front bumper is equipped with sensors for stairs falling avoidance (gap more than 2 inches)


Included Features

Remote controller for working mode, time, docking, and othercontrols

Low noise emission

Space Isolator to partition cleaning space or to avoid robotic vacuum from entering sensitive areas

Easy to remove spare parts for cleaning & wash friendlybrushes & dustbin

Readily available spare parts and servicing for aftersalesrepairs/warranty

Product Specifications :

Model : I-ROVA XR510C

Colour : Green

Dimension : 32cmx 8.7cm

Dustbin capacity : 0.34L

Battery capacity : 2,200mA

Operational time : Upto 100 minutes

Charging time : 4- 5 hour

Warranty : (1)year for machine, (6) months for battery


Package includes :

1 x I-ROVA XR510C Vacuum Cleaner (w/ Side Brush &Filter)

1 x Rechargeable Battery (pre-installed)

1 x Power Adapter / Charger

1 x Auto Charging Station

1 x Space Isolator (batteries NOT included)

1 x Remote Controller (batteries NOT included)

1 x Trailing Bar w/ Mop Cloth

1 x Spare Side Brush

1 x Spare Filter

1 x Spare Mop Cloth

User Manual & Cleaning Tool

Spare Parts Available here :

IROVA XR510C Product FAQ :