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I-ROVA M-488 Robotic Cleaner

RM 588.00 RM 1,180.00


Just set the time for the cleaning and this cleaning robot will sweep and vacuum for you everyday. You may be at the office or out shopping when this robot does the cleaning. When the battery is low it will get back to the charge station to recharge and continue to complete the task. Built-in intelligence ensures it does not fall off stairs and automatically adjusts cleaning behaviour. It gets under furniture that is difficult to reach.


Docking Station - Return automatically to Docking Station to recharge when battery is low or cleaning programme has executed.

Dustbin - Easy removing and cleaning dustbin will not smudge your hands.

Side Brushes - Rubber spin brushes to avoid stuck by hair & tassels.

Remote Control - Remote control that can stop anytime anywhere or cleans room by remote control.

Clean Along Edges - Detects edges of walls and furniture and uses the spining side-brush to clean along and around them.

Control Panel - Able to set the time for cleaning.

Virtual Wall - To set the boundary of the working area.

1 year warranty on mechanism, 6 months for battery.

Size: 34 x 9 cm Weight: 3.5kg

Price: RM599