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Hard, Half Boil & Soft Egg Steamer Boiler Cook

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Egg Boiler - White


Perfect Boiled Eggs of your Choice!

Wish for a delicious& nutritious soft-boiled egg in the morning? Or perhaps a half boiled egg to go with your noodles? Getting the runny yoke and soft egg white texture you desire is no longer difficult with the Egg Boiler. Up to 7 eggs can be cooked in one session and ready to be served in 4 Mins. Just 4 mins!


Steaming Functions

Reheat dim sum or pau of your liking

Steam sweet potato or corn cob

Reheat food dishes


Other Functions

Auto Off when water depleted and eggs cooked

Plastic handle to lift steaming tray

Stainless steel heating plate & heat insulated exterior body

Power "On"indicator light

2.5A 2-Pin Type-C Plug Head


How to :

Soft Boiled Eggs - Soft egg white, runny yoke

  1. Prepare the amount of eggs     desired and leave it out of the fridge overnight. Eggs must always start     cooking from Room Temperature (~24˚C).
  2. Fill the measuring cup with     room temperature water up to the soft-boiled mark.
  3. Pierce the egg on the bottom     end with the needle under the measuring cup to avoid eggs crack.
  4. Pour the water into the     heating plate and place the eggs on to the steaming tray.
  5. Ensure to place the egg     boiler unit on a FLAT and stable surface before switch "On" the     unit power switch.
  6. Close the egg boiler cover.
  7. Ready to be served when unit     auto-stop.


Half Boiled Eggs - Cook egg white, runny yoke

  1. Same procedure as above, only     increase water in measuring cup up to half boiled mark.


Hard Boiled Eggs - Cooked egg white & yoke

  1. Same procedure as above, only     increase water in measuring cup up to hard boiled mark.



Product Specifications :

Model : Egg Boiler

Colour : White

Dimensions : 155mm (diameter) x 140mm (H)

Power Rating : 350W, 220V, ~50Hz

Max Egg : 7


Warranty : (1) year warranty


What's Included :

1 x Egg Boiler Unit

1 x Egg Boiler Transparent Cover

1 x Measuring Cup

1 x Steaming Tray

User Manual