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EASY MOP Floor Cleaning Red Spray Mop with 2 Microfibre Mop Pads (Free Cleaning Brush)

RM 39.90

No more heavy pails and tedious water refilling

Bring your water as you go!!! Convenient & fast refill at any nearby tap.

Save cost & Environmentally friendly

Save not just the environment but your wallet with less water required compared to pail-water cleaning.

Did you also know that you can wash your micro-fiber cloth up to 100 times without loss of cleaning efficiency?

Value for money without the need of frequent disposable cleaning cloths.

Sleek, Ergonomic, Functional

Save time & cover wide cleaning areas quickly with almost A4-sized efficient cleaning micro-fiber cloth area.

Flat scratch-free cleaning pad to reach those low & narrow gaps.

No batteries required with gravity powered, hand trigger spray.

Comfortable cushion grip & smooth stick handle.

Extra cleaning efficiency & freshness with floor detergents or fresheners added to water tank

Simplicity & Durability

Simple trigger-spray mechanism for long lasting functionality

Made of light weight Steel Aluminum structure for durability

Easy to dismantle and refill water tank


Product Specifications :

Model : WYL-09 Spray Mop

Bottle Capacity : 650ml

Total Handle Length : 125cm

Mop Pad Dimensions : 40cm(L) x 14cm(W)

Mop Cloth Surface Area : 539cm2

Battery : Gravity powered, Trigger-spray

Material : ABS, HDPE, Steel/Aluminum Handlebar, Microfibre Cloth

Warranty : (1) month warranty against manufacturing defects

What's Included :

1 x Spray Mop Stick Handle

1 x Spray Mop Water Neck

1 x Cleaning Pad (Head)

2 x Micro-fiber Cloth Pad

1 x Cleaning Brush

User Manual

Why Choose Easy Spray Mop ? ? ?

Good Quality is CHEAP;

it's Poor Quality that is EXPENSIVE.

 EASY MOP Spray Mop

Competitor Brand 

Rubber Bottle Cap Seal

No Seal, Susceptible to Water Leak

Good Spring Loaded Water Outlet  

Poor Quality Water Outlet

Quality Spray Nozzle for Wide Spray Angle,

Fine Water Droplets Spray

Uneven Nozzle hole, poor angle of spray,

Large water droplets


Sturdy Trigger Construction

Poor trigger design, easy to break


Sturdy Stainless Steel Trigger Lever  

Plastic Trigger Lever, easily break

Secure Swing Axle 

Loose & Poor Quality Swing Axle

(Left) Thick & Closely Knitted Microfiber Cloth Pad; (Right) Loosely Knitted, gaps between fibers, poor cleaning