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Beijing Olympic Commemorative Stamps Collection

RM 498.00

Beijing Olympic Commemorative Stamps Collection


Staggering Masterpiece from the Art of Golden Relief - Biggest in the History of Stamps


  The stamps come from the top-notch craftsmanship of the world famous gold carving master. The work features the world's biggest pure gold stamps in the highest denomination. The stamps shine and bedazzle, and are deemed the best golden artwork ever.


Size: 180mm x 70mm , Pure Gold Size: 12600mm2, Purity: 99.99 Gold, comes with an international warranty certificate

Denomination of 112 Yuan is to celebrate the merits of 112 gold medallists representing China in the previous Olympic Games.


Hot Demand Swept Up Frenzy Price Hike

  Most of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games merchandise are sold out in a whirlwind. For instance, the launch of the stamps has attracted a beeline of interested collectors. The day after the launch, in the philatelic market, the values have multiplied by more than 10 times and hundreds times. But, we have got you full set of 11 pieces of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Stamps which even money cannot buy. Going beyond that, we have thoughtfully compiled the stamps in a dainty album for you.


China Postal Bureau has launched the

29th Beijing 2008 Olympic Commemorative Stamps

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games - "Emblem" 1 piece

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games - "Vibrant Beijing" 1 piece

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games - "The Torch Relay" 1 piece

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games - "Olympic Sports Events" 4 pieces

International Olympic Committee - "100th Anniversary" 2 pieces

Released collaboratively by China and Greece - "Olympic from Athens to Beijing" 2 pieces


Whole set: 11pcs Limited Edition Stamp, 1pc pure gold stamp, packed in a beautiful album.


Beijing Olympic Commemorative Stamps Collection RM498