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Easy Floor Cleaning Microfiber Cloth Spin Mop w/ Stainless Steel Basket & Pedal

RM 108.00 RM 199.00

Magic Mop with Stainless Steel basket


Stainless Steel basket ensures sturdy and long lasting use

Detergent dispenser for convenience

Newly designed additional pedal option to wash and spin dry mop with leg.

2 pieces of super water absorbent microfiber mop cloth

Durable mop handle and bucket design

Detachable parts for simple replacement (spare parts available)


Model : WYL-28

Colour : Green

Capacity : 6.0L

Dimensions : 488 (L) x 300 (W) x 310 (H) mm

Weight : 4.2kg

Warranty : 30 days warranty against manufacturing defects 


What's Included :

1 x Stainless Steel Basket Pedal Bucket

1 x Spin Mop Head

1 x Detachable Mop Stick Handle

2 x Micro-Fibre Mop Cloth

User Manual

! ! Spare Parts Available ! !

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Mop Accessories Set

MicroFiber Cloth Refill

Stainless Steel Spin Handle

  Spin Mop Head