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2008 Beijing Olympic Gold Coins Collection - Elite Edition

RM 1,380.00

2008 Beijing Olympic Gold Coins -  Elite Edition


The Elite TOP 21 winners chosen among the 112 gold medalists of the Chinese Olympic history


  Olympic Games Gold Coins Elite Edition holds far-reaching historic significance. Known as the most Elite coins set in the history of Chinese's participation in the Olympic Games, the collectible set bears a hard-to-come-by theme. For its limited production, Heads of states, tycoons and nobilities are making it the best collection ever. As the countdown begins, value appreciation is already taking shape leading to the launch of this remarkable collection.


Gold Medal Content

1984   Los Angeles U.S.A. China 15pcs chosen 4

1988   Seoul Korea              China   5pcs chosen 1

1992   Barcelona Spain      China 16pcs chosen 6

1996   Atlanta U.S.A.           China 16pcs chosen 2

2000   Sydney Australia     China 28pcs chosen 2

2004   Athens Greece         China 32pcs chosen 6

Total Elite Gold Medal 21pcs


Consists of:

21 gold wrapped coins (Together with protection case)

Coin Weight  : 2/3 ounce per item

Coin Diameter : 38mm

Material : Made of pure bronze, wrapped gold on the surface

Purity  : 99.9%, Certificate enclosed


Elite Edition Gold Coins RM1380